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Tiny Ass Pet Tries To Escape Astrodomina

NOTE: This is a Custom Clip."Oh my little slave.. where aaaaare you? I told you to stay put. Didn-t you hear me? How dare you run away like this. You-re my little slave, you-re my property. And you-re super lucky... to be my little ass pet. When I find you, you are in big trouble. So you should stop the bullshit."--"Ahh.. There you are, what-s wrong? All out of breath? From running? Tsk tsk.. I think I have a little treat for you, come here..."----Sydney-s little pet is forced to watch her naked ass. She is now teasing with her butt , spanking and backing it slowly very close to the camera and back out.----"I know you love my butt my little ass pet. My big amazing Asian ass that could just crush you. Oops! Haha! Almost got you. I need to be more careful don-t I? Ahhh... almost.. You love this amazing giantess ass. Oh by the way Jrod, I still haven-t forgot that you tried to run away... I can-t have that bad behaviour from my slaves. So I have a little surprise for you..."----Sydney now spreads her cheeks.----"Now I want you to smell and lick my butthole. This is what bad little slaves get so get in there. Haha! It shouldn-t be too hard to smell and lick considering how small you are... Smell it, lick it clean it with your little teeny tongue. You know, I could just stuff you inside there right? So you better behave."----Sydney continues to punish her tiny ass slave until he learns his lesson.

published3rd, Oct '17
updated 1st, Apr '20
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