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eating her prey: veruca james hd that bondage girl

A classic lesbian domination clip remastered-and reposted at a lower pricefeaturing Veruca James and Dixie Comet-Dixie has been keeping an eye on Veruca but today she-s decided it-s time to break into her home and get what she wants from her. Veruca walks through the door as Dixie greets her with a ballgag shoved into her mouth. As she whimpers, Veruca is forced into the living room and makes her get on her knees. Dixie lashes rope around her wrists and spanks her delicious behind. She welds Veruca-s elbows together and blindfolds her innocent eyes. She lets Veruca struggle for a bit as she goes to peruse the bedroom for gifts. Dixie comes back and takes a peek under the thong at that sweet booty and then tosses Veruca over her shoulders to take her to the bedroom for further investigating.-Dixie throws her little tied up dolly, ass up, on the bed. Dixie pulls Veruca-s thong string aside and gets a little sniff before giving her pink butthole a few licks. Dixie then devours Veruca-s asshole as she moans with fear and satisfaction into her ballgag. Once Dixie-s had her fun with that tasty hole, she drags Veruca back to couch, removes her ballgag and forces Veruca to eat her pussy until she-s orgasming all over her pretty little face. Dixie shoves the ball gag back in and fashions a rope collar around Veruca-s neck. She gets her new pet to her knees and forces her to come along with her new owner.--Additional Formatswmv-hdmp4 960x540

published25th, Feb '20
updated 3rd, Mar '20
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