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Showing Step-brother How Much I Appreciate His Help Natalie Wonder

I can-t believe I made the cheerleading squad! I am so excited I can-t stop jumping up - down with joy! And it-s mostly because of you step-brother. You helped me so much. I-m so lucky to have you in my family now. You were so awesome helping me practice my kart wheels and acrobatic skills, memorize my cheers. I owe you. And I think I know what I-m going to give you.----I-m going to confess something, I-ve gone on your computer - noticed the type of porn you watch. You love cute girls with nice asses in shorts skirts. Kinda like the short cheering skirt I have on now? You especially love it when a girl spreads her ass - reveals her yummy asshole. Come on step-brother, I know that-s the real reason you helped me. You wanted to catch glimpses of my ass - panties in my short skirt. I mean it-s not like we-re technically related. We can play around innocently if we want. And I feel I definitely owe you, step-brother. Don-t be shy, let-s get a little dirty. It-s a good way to bond together.----Captures Your Fantasy For: Sisters, Role Play, Taboo, POV, Short Skirts, Ass Spreading, Asshole Fetish, Panty Fetish, Camel Toe, Tease, Dirty Talk, Jerk Off Encouragement----

published14th, Feb '16
updated 23rd, May '20
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