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god is an asshole goddess dri

Do you believe in God? What God do you believe in? Because I am here to introduce you to the only God you will follow. There is only one God for you to dedicate your life to, there is only one God, and that God? Is an asshole! I know you understand what I am saying. - After a short introduction I take off my panties and show you what your new God is. You will be praying for your new God. I make you smell it, kiss it and worship it as it deserves to. My asshole is the Almighty, All Powerful and All Knowing God, you will be praying for it every night and every morning, you will be praying for my asshole to bless you, to bless you with my undigested food, to bless you with the all the air that comes out of it. I tease you all the time and teach you about your new God and religion. My asshole is superior than you.

published5th, Feb '20
updated 11th, Mar '20
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