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Spreading My Ass For Your Cum Shot Natalie Wonder

I wave my ass in your face as I talk dirty, tease you - tell you to stroke it for me. These tight jeans are so snug against my ass. I stick my hand in between my legs. I know you want to touch me here, right where my hand is. You want to feel the warmth between my legs, push against my pussy - ass crack. Clump my ass cheeks in your hands - smack them. I know you want to see what-s under these jeans. My smooth bare skin inches away from your face. What kind of panties do I have underneath? Is it a thong? Sexy boy shorts or regular undies? No matter what my ass is going to look great in any panties I wear. My plump ass cheeks sometimes devour my skimpy panties - give me a nice wedgie. I play with my panties as I tease you, pulling them down just enough so you get a glimpse of my sexy asshole - pussy. I slowly spread my ass for you. Mmmm the things you would do to my ass. I keep telling you to stroke for me. Get that warm cum ready for my ass. I want you to aim - shoot it right here in between my ass so I can feel the cum drip down to my pussy. So warm - gooey.----Captures Your Fantasy For: Ass Spreading, Jeans Fetish, Dirty Talk, Cum Encouragement, Panty Fetish, Tease, Asshole Fetish, Pussy Shots, Ass Shaking, Wedgies

published25th, Oct '15
updated 7th, Nov '19
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